Tehama County Public Works Projects

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  • 5 intersections in Tehama County: South Avenue and Rowles Road, South Avenue and Marguerite Avenue, South Avenue and Woodson Avenue, Finnell Avenue and 99W, and Capay Road and 99W. Install splitter-islands on minor road approaches, remove current pavement markings and upgrade intersection pavement markings including a slurry seal, and install flashing beacons as advanced warning on major road approaches. Estimated completion date: 2022 View Vicinity Map as PDF

  • In Tehama from Gyle Road intersection of 99W (formerly old SR 99) and extends north to Red Bluff ending at I-5 overcrossing. Resurfacing and reconfigure pavement delineation/reflective markers, and improvements and signalization at I-5 interchange. Estimated completion date: 2022

  • 99W Gap Closure

    A total of 7.2 miles of improvements within the R/W. Pavement rehabilitation includes Cold-in-Place Recycling and a Hot Mix overlay to existing grade, shoulder widening for ATP (8-foot shoulders), and intersection improvements. The project also updates pavement delineation and reflective markers. Estimated completion date: 2023

  • Bridge maintenance activities on 13 structures, throughout Tehama County, including methacrylate polymer sealant, removing asphalt, installing joint assembly/seals, and polyester concrete in Tehama County. Completion date: August 25, 2017

  • Storm damage occurred at the Squaw Hollow Creek Bridge in February 2019 during the Governor-declared emergency. Tehama County bridge crew performed emergency repairs only on the eroded portion of the roadway at the bridge. The rest of the damage to the creek and bridge will be repaired and maintained in the coming year to prevent erosion and flooding. Estimated completion date: 2021

  • Construction of Evergreen Road Bridge Replacement over the South Fork Cottonwood Creek. The project consists of replacing the deficient structure, adding turn lanes on Bowman Road to access Evergreen Road, and replacing an Anderson Cottonwood Irrigation District (ACID) crossing. Estimated completion date: 2022

  • Two intersections on Gallagher Avenue: the intersection of Gallagher Avenue and Houghton Avenue, and the intersection of Gallagher Avenue and Edith Avenue. These improvements would make the intersections safer. Install flashing beacons as advanced warning, convert to all way stop control (from 2-way or yield control), and install transverse rumble strips on major road approaches. Estimated completion date: 2022 View Vicinity Map as PDF

  • Highway 99W/Gerber Road & San Benito Ave./Gerber Road Intersection Improvement Improve two intersections by constructing left turn lanes, acceleration, and deceleration lanes at 99W/Gerber Road and Gerber Road/San Benito Avenue. Completion date: January 24, 2017

  • Installation of storm sewer drain facilities, water meter relocation, fire hydrant relocation, reconstruction of roadway, installation of curb, gutter and sidewalk, on portions of Grant St, Sherwood Blvd, Stanford Ave, and Orange St in the community of Los Molinos. Completion date: March 8, 2018

  • Tehama County, in cooperation with Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration, is replacing the Sacramento River Bridge at Jelly’s Ferry Road located north of Red Bluff, in Tehama County, California. As of August 1, 2021, the Temporary Construction and Falsework Trestle pile installation in the Sacramento River will be complete, and a River Boating Advisory is being issued.  See below.  Please use caution and observe all signage when navigating the Sacramento River at the project site. Estimated completion date: Fall of 2022 For real time river flow rates visit July 29, 2021   Date: July 14, 2021   Date: July 23, 2020   Date : Circa 1950

  • Two bridge replacements on Kirkwood Road at Jewett Creek and on Columbia Avenue at Jewett Creek in Corning, CA. These projects will be combined under one construction contract. Estimated completion date: Fall of 2021

  • Lake California Drive

    A 3.5 mile segment of Lake California Drive in Cottonwood, CA from 0.25 mile south of Main Street to Sawtooth Drive. Improve segment with curve treatments, edge of pavement treatment, and clearing. Improve shoulder slopes, clear trees as necessary. Install edgeline rumble strips/stripes. Install chevron signs on horizontal curves. Remove or relocate fixed objects outside of Clear Recovery Zone. Estimated completion date: 2022 View Vicinity Map as PDF  

  • Construction of a new bridge in replacement of a low water crossing on McCoy Road at North Fork Dibble Creek. Project includes re-alignment of approximately 2,500’ of McCoy Road and constructs an intersection with Matlock Loop for approximately 600’. Estimated completion date: 2025

  • Construction of a two-span cast-in-place bridge 85 feet in length supported on cast-in-place concrete abutments and bent. Construction of concrete approach slabs, widening of roadway, asphalt paving, installation of metal beam guard railing, pavement striping and installation of fencing along Reeds Creek Rd @ Pine Creek Bridge. Completion date: January 20, 2017

  • A new roadway – approximately 1000 feet in length – along the south side of the existing alignment between Moon Shadow Ranch Road and Johnson Road shall be constructed to make it safer for travelers and prevent further erosion near Liza Creek. Estimated completion date: 2023

  • South Avenue/Hall Road and Hoag Road/Hall Road Intersection Improvement Projects. Construction included auxiliary turning lanes, minor roadway realignment, roadway widening, Hot Mix Asphalt overlay, and placement of signage, striping and rumble strips. Completion date: June 24, 2019

  • Tehama County has received a “Safe Routes to School” grant from the state with which the construction of a safe travel way for pedestrians and children walking or biking to school will take place along Stanford Avenue in Town of Los Molinos. The route will connect Los Molinos Elementary School to Los Molinos High School. Estimated completion date: Fall of 2021

  • Report of analysis of Tehama County roads and intersections for potential safety improvement projects and prioritization of safety projects. Completion date: November 2019

  • Highway 99W at Thomes Creek Bridge Construction included a 609 foot long, five-span, cast in place post tensioned concrete box girder bridge and 475 linear feet of asphalt concrete roadway. The work included removal of existing bridge, piers and abutments. Completion date: April 15, 2019