Encroachment Permits

The use of Tehama County roadways for other than normal transportation purposes may require written authorization from the Department of Public Works. Tehama County Public Works reviews all requests from utility companies, developers, volunteers, nonprofit organizations, etc., desiring to conduct various activities within the right of way. Such activities could include: construction of highway improvements, driveway installation and maintenance, highway landscaping and graffiti removal, commercial filming, and special events such as parades commemorating an event.

Encroachment Permit Fee Schedule

Minor Permits$0.00$210.43 Flat Fee – Engineer Tech III
Major Permits$300.00$105.22 Hr. – Engineer Tech III
$134.91 Hr. – Civil Engineer

* Fees are subject to change *

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If the submit button does not engage please follow the instructions below to email your completed permit application for review.

  1. Download the form to your device.
  2. Complete the form to the best of your ability and save it.
  3. Open your email application and compose an email to permits@tcpw.ca.gov
  4. Attach the saved PDF to the email and press send.