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Jellys Ferry Bridge – Open

The Jellys Ferry Bridge is now OPEN JELLY’S FERRY BRIDGE WATERWAY RESTRICTIONS LIFTED The Jelly’s Ferry Bridge replacement project is complete. The old bridge and the temporary construction trestle have been removed, relieving the waterway of obstruction and narrowing of the passage. Watercraft may travel normally through the channels.   ...
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Tehama County Road Closures

As of 2/23/24

District A Road Closures:

  • Red Bank Creek gates at Paskenta due to flooding

District C Road Closures:

  • Kirkwood Rd. at Jewett Creek and Columbia Ave. at Jewett Creek are open but still subject to temporary lane closure while construction is completed.
  • Hall Rd wet crossing 1.9 miles south of Gyle Rd. due to flooding
  • Flournoy Ave. is closed between Kirkwood Rd. and Marguerite Ave. due to structural damage
**Flournoy Ave Bridge Detour Route**
The following one mile detour route has been established as an alternate route for motorists who travel across the bridge between Kirkwood Rd and Marguerite.
From Flournoy Ave heading east:
  • North on Kirkwood Rd
  • East on Viola Ave
  • South on Marguerite back to Flournoy Ave


Tehama County provides this information on an “as is" basis. The County reserves the right to make changes and updates to the information at any time and without notice. Any person or entity who relies on information contained herein does so at their own risk.

To report flooding or road issues within Tehama County, please contact us at (530) 385-1462.

Road Closures and Incident Locations

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