Current Projects

  • JELLY’S FERRY BRIDGE WATERWAY RESTRICTIONS LIFTED The Jelly’s Ferry Bridge replacement project is more than 90% complete. The old bridge and the temporary construction trestle that you see in one of the photos below have been removed, relieving the waterway of obstruction and narrowing of the passage. Watercraft may travel normally through the channels.   Designed by: T.Y.Lin International Group Construction Contractor: MCM Construction, Inc. Construction Management: Quincy Engineering, Inc. Estimated completion date: August 2022     Jellys Ferry Bridge. Set to open in April 2022. Date: February 07, 2022   Jellys Ferry at the beginning of construction. Date: July 23, 2020   Date: Circa 1950

  • Tehama County has received a “Safe Routes to School” grant from the state with which the construction of a safe travel way for pedestrians and children walking or biking to school will take place along Stanford Avenue in Town of Los Molinos. The route will connect Los Molinos Elementary School to Los Molinos High School. Designed by: Tehama County Public Works Construction Contractor: R.R Horn, Inc. Estimated completion date: Spring 2022